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This isn’t the type of war vibe that is constant in the world, it will be on entirely different level, possibly leading to global war, if not, at least in the United States. This conjunction will be opposite the United States sun sign of Cancer. Also, 4-5 years before this happens, the world will have a rare Saturn conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, which hasn’t happened for over 500 years. If you want to see the latest Nova picture, go here, and if you have a clever way to stop the Earth being consumed during the Sun’s Red Giant phase, go here. The original article — again, quoting Sokolov – reported that the Earth’s gravitational pull may cause Apophis to break up and possibly hit the earth as if it was shot by a giant shotgun. They are highly courageous and become great soldiers.Their love of themselves that is their arbitrarianism is themajor cause of their adversity. They have enormous potential and great ideas, but they have poor luck in carrying our their plans. It’s almost like you have to experience seeing this magic of life for yourself before you can really understand what i’m saying here.

If the offender is saying that you can’t accomplish something, then do it and prove him wrong. Here is why. It is wrong because many societies around the world had or have their own variety of astrology. Six months ago we had a Cap new moon and now those intentions (consciously set or otherwise) have reached a culmination point. It’s possible you’ll have new opportunities at this point so stay on the look out for those and take a risk if need be! What will be the opportunities and challenges waiting in your professional life? It’s only been my obsession putting extreme amount of time and focus into understanding the hidden aspects of life and death, every single day, for years, that has given me this perception of what’s going on. Scientific progress since the TAR is based upon large amounts of new and more comprehensive data, more sophisticated analyses of data, improvements in understanding of processes and their simulation in models, and more extensive exploration of uncertainty ranges.

The view of this place is much beautiful as you can see the lake and the Aravali Mountain Ranges on its backdrop. Everything can be seen thru the astrology, which I’ve come to believe is a reflection of the invisible mechanics of life. The cost of war will be seen as something worth sacrificing for. The last time Neptune entered Aries was April 13 1861, the day after the American civil war started. So what can we expect when Neptune enters Aries in 2025 for 14 years? But again the 14 year Neptune phase is working within a greater cycle of the ages and so the Pisces age was still hanging on, religion still hanging on. Circumstances in our life reach peak tension for the current 28 day lunar cycle and something wants to change. Their role in the new age movement is helpful, but even if we reach that phase, nothing stays the same forever.

People sense this but are still hanging on tight to the old ways as this transition to the new age unfolds. Do to the Aquarian age influence, there is still a mixture but the “new age” spirituality is the result, although the old faiths are still hanging on too. The age of Pisces was definitely about faith and religion, whereas the Aquarian age is more about science and technology. It’s slowly starting already no doubt, seen by the new age folks but we are still far from what they envision, still in a long transition. Have you ever seen a wheel that was bent outward on one side? This can be seen in history of you look back. If we look back a few decades, we see Neptune in Capricorn 1980s thru 90s was the era where we idealized capitalism with big ambitions to succeed at business. It’s no different with the ages, it’s just on a much bigger scale, therefore takes a few hundred years before it becomes more noticeable.

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