Medieval Astrology Guide

While the temperatures in Georgia would be slightly chilly, in the 50s the weathermen believed, I thought that would be bearable with the aid of an electric heater in the tent. I could have been onsite the previous Sunday, but I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to live in a tent that long. I was sanguine enough about tent camping to purchase a tent and the other requisite gear last winter. Well, one night was OK last February, but only one. That night coincided with some of the coldest weather in Florida in years. People knew about the astrology symbols for many years. I’d done PSSG several times years and years ago, but those were at its old sites. I had the best of intentions of saving the money I’d otherwise spend on the substandard motels of Chiefland, Florida. I read it as I see it, and hope for the best.

In this way we coudl see more clearly how the tilt of the earth made the seasons. At any rate, I didn’t see an alternative if I wanted to do PSSG. There had been some talk about putting me up in the home of a DAV resident, but since I didn’t hear any more about that as the event approached, I assumed it had turned out not to be an option. There are many more Scrimmage pictures on my FaceBook page. There is also a facility available in Australia where you can host your own telescope in a prime location for viewing objects in space. The completed AMANDA telescope announced first light, neutrinos actually, at this meeting. The first two years, at the original location near Jackson, Georgia, just south of Atlanta and well into the outskirts of that megalopolis’ light dome. Flash-forward to December 2013 when the good folk of the Atlanta Astronomy Club had me up to give a presentation at their annual Christmas dinner.

Some time later, I heard PSSG was moving again, to the private astronomy development of Deerlick Astronomy Village, “DAV” (much like the CAV), which would be considerably closer for me. Then I walked the bow up earth ball around the lamp and stopped at each wall to show what each season would look like. This is the book I used to show photographs of the types of galaxies and our galaxy. I first read them the chapter from this book about the earth and we have discussions/narrations as we go along. I began recalling views of Christmases past stretching all the way back to Christmas vacation 1966 and my first look at this incredible wonder. Until I got an email from the AAC’s Peter Macumber this past summer concerning my availability for the 2015 event. For one reason or another, however, I never got around to giving the event a try at its new location.

One of Zak’s pages. Have a look at our notebook pages. But, someone who knows the value of these pious gestures does have faith in them and do perform them with a whole heart. I go to a lot of star parties, but, unfortunately, I don’t get to observe at a lot of star parties. This year’s Peach State Star Gaze would be different. Peach State would be both an old and a new star party for me. I will soon put the requisite dovetails (or adapters) on the two shortly, and the eight year old Atlas will probably be going into mothballs. It’s enlivened only by a stop at the good old Stuckey’s just outside Montgomery. Not so much. I believed three days would be sufficient to get the one image I really wanted, a good shot of the Triangulum Galaxy, M33. Why only three days? I can stand almost anything for three days.

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