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Vedic Astrology (KP Astrology) is an improvement over the predictive wing of Vedic Astrology. Our main online course is The Hellenistic Astrology Course, although we also offer some separate modules on individual techniques. The main reason we are club members in the first place is to have fun as a group. When we eat, the pancreas automatically produces the appropriate amount of insulin to break down the sugar into glucose which is the main source of energy. The drive down was uneventful and was made more pleasant by my iPod, which I’d loaded up with an audio book, Walter Isaacson’s Einstein: His Life and Universe. Hinduism from the ancient Indians is more spiritually complex. The idea that humans must maintain a healthy body and mind originated in the ancient world, as did the craft of decorating our bodies by molding metals for jewelry and decorating ourselves with precious stones and rare sea shells.

It should, however, be noted that not all professional or acclaimed photographers have their names in such photographic bodies. Professional planning, organizing & success is a skill. One thing we down here and have done for years and have had great success with is our annual Holiday Dinner. We are committed to your success. A number of the instruments in these observatories are still working accurately. I will also admit to y’all that after working on my forthcoming book, Choosing and Using a New CAT (November), for nearly two years I was ready for a short break from SCTs, much as I love ‘em. Not only is it fun to enjoy the waning of the holiday season and ring in another year with your good buddies, it’s surprising what you can learn about/from your fellow observers after they get a little whiskey in ‘em. Is the club in the neighboring city having an especially good speaker this month? Also good is that changing officers yearly will help break the “us and them” pattern: “us” club members come to the meeting to be entertained by “them” officers. Everyone needs to be involved in running the club, and the line between the “us” and the “them” needs to be blurry at all times.

So, far over 1,000 planetary nebulas have been identified in our Galaxy. The telescope would be my time honored 12.5-inch truss tube Dobsonian “Old Betsy,” who’s proved her mettle over 15 observing seasons. In lieu of the normal January bidness meeting (who’s in the mood for that after New Year’s?), we meet at a local restaurant. The way gas prices have fallen didn’t hurt my mood either. Again, as I have said before to all who will listen, it was not just the big field that was so amazing. The big old grandpappy glob literally filled that enormous field. Then, just before I was to head south to the storied CAV, the forecast icons on’s page began to change from happy little Suns and Moons to nasty old clouds. But then, almost magically, they began to thin and clear. Earlier, I thought I’d detected a little skepticism about the Ethoses from this Dobsonian guru, but it was clear ol’ T.C. Active is better than inactive, and a little fun is better than a lot of seriousness. If you’ve been hiding under a rock the last decade or so, the Chiefland Star Party is a great big do under dark skies near the little Florida town of Chiefland.

19, The Florida – Georgia Parkway, the skies had begun to turn blue again. Your charm and wit are hard to deny today, making it easy for you to turn anything you put your will and mind to into a reality. People born between June 22 and July 23 are Cancers. It should be worn by people who have consulted with their astrologer and gemologist. Artificial satellites have many uses. The major difference between Traditional Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology is that the Traditional Vedic Astrology uses sidereal zodiac. There are numerous treatises written by famous scientists on astronomy and also astrology which was considered equally important. If we are in fact simulated, wouldn’t it make perfect sense that our lives and personalities followed an algorithm and astrology is perhaps a means to better understand this? Keep a track on your expenses: If you are able to write down your expenditure and keep a check on it, this is one of the best ways to ensure financial stability in life.

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