The Amazing Peacock

Heretofore, there were basically two ways to polar align a mount, the easy way or the hard way. In addition to the astronomy group at KU, there are a number of active departmental research groups in related areas of astrophysics. Fast forward to last week – Tina Tchen announced in the Washington Post that the NSF would be adopting a number of policies that would allow grantees to take time off for parental and family leave. This is due to some restrictions on the number of requests made each time a city of birth is selected (1000 per hour and 20000 per day at maximum). Free extended horoscopes are also available to all first time callers. The first large group of the five Hindu caves and the second is a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. This means that a lot of exoplanet scientists are in the right demographic group to be starting families, and until they are old enough to start school, why not bring them along to a conference in a cool location.

Why not use a conference in a spectacular location as an excuse to bring the family along and make a vacation out of it? On the other hand, whenever I see a woman scientist bringing a baby to a conference (like my fellow blogger, Ann!), I make a little cheer. Voice modulation and sound frequency is very important qualities an astrologer require since it is very important to make the listener feel comfortable so that they know they can confine to the speaker. But do you know that by looking at the positions of these animals relative to one another on the face of a clock, we can find out their compatibility? But did you know you can see it pass overhead? Set up your local position and click on the link to find when you can see it. We chatted on its wonderful Astronomy Forum and arranged to exchange newsletters and newsletter articles there or on our local Bulletin Board Services (BBSes). And there things remained for years. If you are aware of your Cycles these things do not have to play out if you take necessary precautions and get professional help. There are different systems being used to calculate the divisions, and one of them is the equal house system, which involves getting the ecliptic divided into 12 equal parts.

There are many other minor documentation corrections and cosmetic changes. He can pinpoint the problems you are facing and give you the right advice to overcome them. Give a buzz to one of the renowned astrologers in New Zealand who can study the planets and their positions to find out the fundamental problem. After all, we do serve as role models for younger scientists who aspire to have it all. To see NanoSail-D, head over to Heavens Above where they have a dedicated link (next to the dedicated ISS link). You then requested “Polar Alignment.” The mount would then point at Polaris, and over the course of a couple of steps would slew away from the star. I met with the White House tour participants over lunch to brainstorm our key concerns, including action items that the federal government could take to help women in astronomy. We were organizing a tour of the White House for early career astronomers, and we managed to arrange a meeting with Tina Tchen, the Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls. Most of the women that I knew who had kids had left them at home, including myself. Women in Astronomy and Space Science 2009 Conference.

And perhaps it even means that astronomy is getting more family-friendly. There’s a long way to go in terms of policy before we can say that astronomy is family-friendly overall. The galaxy has sent another tumbling chunk of frozen interstellar material our way. The survey has a resolution of two arc minutes (about the same as the human eye) and maps the sky using radio waves at frequencies between 72 and 231 MHz (FM radio is near 100 MHz). Celestron and Meade, and especially Meade with its “DS” series (I wonder what those letters stand for?), have been major players in the DSS game for almost two decades. Flash forward ten years or so to the coming of the computerized GEM mounts like the Celestron Advanced GT CG5. One was to use a polar borescope on a GEM. Loving it,saw one peahen this morning,how beautiful! One of the big breakthroughs with the CG5 (and also a few other brands) was an automated polar alignment routine.

I never liked drifting, though, and for that reason I usually quit before my polar alignment was quite good enough for the long exposures required in the film astrophotography days. Kochab’s can potentially yield a good alignment if done with care, but in most cases, not a sub 5’ – 10’ alignment. 4 in the firmware’s early days) goto alignment. First, I’d rough it in using a 50mm finder scope with a polar alignment reticle. Once you figure out how to set it up, a polar finder can yield alignments ranging from excellent to usable depending on the borescope’s manufacturer and your expertise in using it. For many folks kneeling on the ground to peer through that dim little telescope in quest of a sometimes-rough polar alignment (unless you have a Takahashi mount and its excellent polar finder) is a bummer. Also, no truly accurate polar finder has ever been produced for fork mount telescopes, though some people, like the late Roger Tuthill, have tried.

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