What’s Next For Human Space Travel?

The Drake equation can be modified to determine just how unlikely intelligent life must be, to give the result that Earth has the only intelligent life that has ever arisen, either in our galaxy or the universe as a whole. Furthermore, no confirmed signs of intelligence elsewhere have been recognized as such, either in our galaxy or in the observable universe of 2 trillion galaxies. One of the few points of wide agreement is that the presence of humanity implies a probability of intelligence arising of greater than zero. For deliberate communication, the one example we have (the Earth) does not do much explicit communication, though there are some efforts covering only a tiny fraction of the stars that might look for our presence. No statistical estimates are possible for some of the parameters, where only one example is known. Drake equation currently involves speculation about unmeasured parameters, it was intended as a way to stimulate dialogue on these topics.

There is considerable speculation why an extraterrestrial civilization might exist but choose not to communicate. A civilization lasting for tens of millions of years might be able to travel anywhere in the galaxy, even at the slow speeds foreseeable with our own kind of technology. In particular, the result can be N ≪ 1, meaning we are likely alone in the galaxy, or N ≫ 1, implying there are many civilizations we might contact. Typical arguments include that civilizations are too far apart, it is too expensive to spread throughout the galaxy, civilizations broadcast signals for only a brief period of time, it is dangerous to communicate, and many others. Drake suggested that a large number of extraterrestrial civilizations would form, and he further speculated that the lack of evidence of such civilizations may be because technological civilizations tend to disappear rather quickly. A large number of explanations have been proposed to explain this lack of contact; a book published in 2015 elaborated on 75 different explanations.

The authors of the rare Earth hypothesis propose a number of additional constraints on habitability for planets, including being in galactic zones with suitably low radiation, high star metallicity, and low enough density to avoid excessive asteroid bombardment. On the other hand, the variety of star systems that might have habitable zones is not just limited to solar-type stars and Earth-sized planets. However, deliberate communication is not required, and calculations indicate that current or near-future Earth-level technology might well be detectable to civilizations not too much more advanced than our own. With Mercury retrograde kicking off on Halloween to (hopefully not) derail all of our well-made holiday plans, we’re going to have this planet on the brain anyway, so might as well dress up to show it. My humble Coleman, for example, has held up very well despite being pitched everywhere from Texas to Maine. The discovery of the alien planet Kepler-186f could very well be a landmark achievement of modern-day astronomy.

In the year 476 AD, Aryabhatta wrote the ‘Aryabhateeya’, this includes a lot of astronomy, mathematics and astronomy. For example, existing Earth radio telescopes could only detect Earth radio transmissions from roughly a light year away. 190 million a year. 100 million funding begun in July 2015 to actively search for intelligent extraterrestrial communications in the universe, in a substantially expanded way, using resources that had not previously been extensively used for the purpose. The United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space has approved seven nonmilitary uses for these orbits: communications, meteorology, earth resources and environment, navigation and aircraft control, testing of new systems, astronomy, and data relay. As we look at a globe of our earth we see that the material world or earth is much less than the great vastness of the oceanic blue. They are said to be ‘seers’ by virtue of being able to see the divine law which rules all creation and also sustains it.They are also said to be first Brahmans or the sons of Brahma. We were, that is, until Unk got his first goto SCT not long after the turn of the century.

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